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THE technical women's clothing are no longer reserved only for men, women also have the right to their techwear outfits: cargo pants, comfort blanket, parka, jacket or various accessories are in the spotlight for you female population.

The history of techwear women 

Originally the techwear style was reserved for men or sports enthusiasts, mentalities have fortunately evolved so that you young ladies also have the chance to have outfits in your wardrobe that optimize, facilitate and stylize the wearer.

The trend of the moment is indeed techwear au féminine, this is not an ephemeral movement, many stars like Bella Hadid or Rihanna wear techwear style women and we thank them warmly.

Despite popular belief, techwear was already at its peak during the sixties and seventies thanks to the popularity of winter sports. For a very long time wearing a down jacket was clearly a lack of taste, now times have evolved because many women are adopting the style techwear femme which has been criticized at length, can be found on our boutique techwear reference in France.

Furthermore, in the 90s, the Hip Hop world democratized techwear with actors at style streetwear like Notorious Big, Tupac, or 50Cent and DMX more recently who loved wearing very technical pieces like oversized clothes or big down jackets.

Recently fashion players such as Drake or Skepta  the famous graffiti artist gave birth to a second life of techwear with a style resembling « Japanese Techwear Brands » or « Korean Techwear ».

The techwear style you should adopt

Trendy pieces to adopt in style « techwear clothing womens » are cargo pants, parkas or sleeveless vests to name a few. The centerpiece of this year is the down jacket which we are really seeing more and more and it is not to displease us with the emblematic model  Nudity.

We also find a lot of women's pants cargo type or the baggy which is making a comeback in fashion shows: very technical parts In short, we are all delighted to see it up to date again.

What are the advantages of techwear clothing for women?

The tendance techwear designed for women rhymes with maximum comfort and functional fashion, very well thought-out and high-end materials are highlighted to combine utility and style in a single outfit.

All the women's technical clothing that we sell are light, well thought out so that you can be comfortable at every moment of your day. Thanks to our range of rainproof clothing or clothing specialized in difficult conditions, going hiking or facing difficult weather will become a pleasure.

The great advantage of style techwear for women is that it can be worn as desired, each individual can use technical clothing to create their own style and this ad infinitum.

Despite preconceived ideas, techwear is not unisex or a style reserved for men, you will be able to explore a multitude of different worlds to develop what best suits your personality, a polished look at its peak where you will feel in agreement with yourself.

Tokyo Techwear™: A boutique for both women and men

Each of you must have seen The Matrix in your childhood, I wanted to offer the same outfits: a very polished side with breathtaking aesthetics and on the other hand the very technical side with a multitude of functions based on Technological innovations.

On the Tokyo Techwear™ online store, you will be able to succumb to very technical pieces for you women such as: techwear t-shirts, technical dresses, vests with a multitude of pockets, softshel jacketsl water-repellent with cuts designed for you women.

Therefore if you have arrived here it is anything but a coincidence, you are really in the right place to find the ideal wardrobe to create your own feminine techwear look.