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The History of Techwear

Techwear, an avant-garde clothing style, combines functionality and futuristic aesthetics. Born in the 2000s, it draws inspiration from cyberpunk culture and military technology, focusing on performance, comfort and protection. The materials used, such as nylon and Gore-Tex, are light, durable and waterproof, ideal for urban environments.

Techwear designers, like Errolson Hugh of Acronym, have played a crucial role in its evolution. They incorporated innovative elements like hidden pockets, waterproof zippers and modular harness systems, while maintaining a clean, minimalist style. These features meet the needs of active city dwellers, while providing a distinctive and modern silhouette.

The popularity of techwear has increased thanks to its presence in media, notably in science fiction films and video games, where its futuristic look and functionality have captured the public imagination.

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Why adopt urban techwear?

The fashion techwear in France is characterized by clothing made from special fabrics with very advanced technology and adapted cuts to allow you ample movement throughout your day.Aesthetic And affordableare the two adjectives that best describe our collections atTokyo Techwear™designed for both men and women.

Urban techwear also called supermodern techwear is a clothing style that is being adopted by more and more people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Currently, the technical process is combined with fashion to give life to a futuristic style.

The primary goal of theurban techwear brands is utility or practicality before aesthetics, all people having tasted the techwear in Europe or elsewhere all agree that this style will be adopted more and more over the coming years.

We find a lot of precision in techwear pieces, enough to delight those excited about new technologies.

The style futuristic techwear is outside the system to become innovative and visionary a little more each year as the months go by

At Tokyo Techwear™ a store also named urban techwear shop you will be able to find:

  • Of the functional cuts
  • Storage, accessories or even aesthetic outfits to make your life easier
  • Materials and fabrics gore tex or else water-repellent materials

Notice to our clients at Tokyo Techwear™

Customers are king at Tokyo Techwear and we wanted to show you that.

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L'origine du Ninja Techwear

Techwear sources its inspiration from the land of the rising sun: the Japan.

During the seventies the creation of tech wear takes his first steps. At the very beginning this current was designed for mountaineers to allow them to protect themselves from the cold.

Thanks to the technicality and new technology Japanese military discover that it is enough to sprinkle their fabrics with coatings.

The Japanese call this new style ninja techwear or techwear, first of all because they use more advanced methods during creation and also very avant-garde when designing these clothes with light, sober and synthetic materials.

The first person to democratize this style is Massimo Search thanks to his look techwear.

The years passed and technology improved day by day to give way to Gore Tex created by Adidas.

The techwear look is becoming more popular little by little and is growing enormously in all four corners of the world: workers, travelers or simply men and women wanting to stand out in an overly sanitized world.

Never forget that Japanese techwear is the very essence of trend techwear (trend): a modern and futuristic trend. Thanks to its everyday style it can be worn every day of the week.

It should always be kept in mind that the Japanese techwear has given its credentials to Asian fashion.

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25% = SALE25

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The values of our Techwear store

My passion for techwear was rooted during an unforgettable trip to Tokyo, a metropolis where innovation and tradition meet in spectacular harmony.

Tokyo, with its dazzling lights and futuristic architecture, is the birthplace of techwear. Strolling through its bustling streets, I was captivated by the functional elegance and avant-garde style of this fashion.

Our store is the fruit of this passion. Here, each piece is selected for its superior quality, innovative design and exceptional functionality. We offer a range of clothing that combines comfort, durability and a futuristic aesthetic, ideal for those looking to stand out in the modern urban world.

We invite you to explore our collection and discover the spirit of techwear for yourself.

Join us on this style adventure and be inspired by the dynamism and innovation of Tokyo, where it all began for us.

Le cyberpunk Techwear

In the years to come, computing and all related technologies will evolve and develop. It is in this context that the cyberpunk appeared, merging with new design systems to create a new style: the superfuture techwear. This represents the link between design and innovation.

Many writers and film directors have imagined a dystopian future, depicting an alternate reality where our society is transformed almost beyond recognition. Through powerful science fiction stories, these visions of the future have begun to permeate the present.

We techwear enthusiasts took inspiration from these predictions and adopted a clothing style that reflects these futuristic worlds. Whether it is theasian techwear, with its bold East Asian influences, or the urban ninja techwear, which fuses modernity with elements of stealth warrior tradition, our sartorial choices are an homage to these dystopian fictions.

Our passion for techwear goes far beyond just fashion. It is a rallying cry against the established order, a visual manifestation of our desire to escape the standardization of conventional outfits.

By choosing to wear these futuristic outfits, we express our discontent with a society that values ​​homogeneity and authority. If you too are looking for a way to express your resistance to a system that constrains you and tries to standardize you, the style Cyberpunk Techwear is made for you.

This style, which is inspired by cyberpunk universes, offers a multitude of pockets, zippers and storage compartments, combining functionality and practicality in a bold design.

These clothes are designed for those who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, for those who seek to write their own story, in their own way. So, dare to assert your individuality and challenge the well-established system with Cyberpunk Techwear.

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